Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Recommended Dog Stuff

I'm pretty picky about my equipment and supplies; I like safe, effective and durable equipment and healthy food and treats. I have even had some equipment custom-made.

I recommend only what I use myself, and while I'll carry a product for clients if I really like it and can get it, I'll happily send someone elsewhere to get what I think would be better for them. I'm about training, not about retail.

That said, the following are some of my favorites.
  • Newest find: Simon & Huey's Soft Treats. Shakespeare went bonkers for them at agility practice this morning. (here)

  • Kong TOTs treats are healthy (only two ingredients), appropriately sized, and apparently tasty. Too bad I may be the only place in Indiana which carries them. (get them from me or here)

  • I like Premier martingale collars for my dogs' sturdy necks and narrow skulls. No slipping out of the collar! (get them from me or here using discount code 8930-WSSR)

  • The Quick Draw Bait Bag has a spring-loaded opening that locks open or closed. I haven't spilled bagged treats in years. It's very durable -- mine has been chewed, pawed, retrieved, and even set on fire, and I'm still using it. (here using discount code 8930-WSSR)

  • Clicker training is the way to go, and the i-Click is the best clicker I've found. It can be sounded from any angle, with gloves, with my foot, in my pocket, you name it. (get it from me or online)


judi said...

Which size collar did you use for Shakespeare from proactive pets? (that link is bad, btw)


Laura said...

Yep, they've changed their site since then. Raised prices, too, I think -- why don't you try here 'til I figure out if ProActive is still worthwhile?

Actually I don't regularly use the Premier collar for Shakespeare, as we're almost never in a "slipping" situation, but when he does wear one it's a medium, and he usually takes a 18-19" collar.

Dainty little Tempest also wore a medium, 24-7. They're very adjustable.

Sorry about the confusion -- I'll have to update the list to fix the links.