Tuesday, April 19, 2005

By Jove, I Think She's Got It

She's now offering sits when she wants something! This beats mugging, jumping and biting by a mile. Yippee!

Trying the hand signals for the first time from another person today was rough. But we managed, after a little review. I've got to be careful about soliciting help; when she didn't respond at first, my unfamiliar helper modeled her into position. Not inherently wrong, but not what I wanted, either.

Laev's also figuring things out. Last Friday she could not at all understand that there were two sides to a door -- when I tried to lead her around an open door to fetch a kibble which had slid through, she resisted, certain that it could only be gained from the first side! Tonight, however, I watched her sniff outside the crate in which I'd hid a bit of pizza crust and then confidently trot around the inside of the crate to look for it. Also this evening, she trotted into a corridor to pick up a ball. Backing up through it tangled her legs in some cables, so she had to figure out how to free herself in the narrow opening without turning around -- and she never dropped the ball. Getting smarter....

And -- most importantly -- she's not screaming in the crate. Not last night, not tonight. Is it because our days are so exciting that she's glad to rest? Is it because she's learning that good things happen in the crate? Or could it be the triple dose of valium that I slipped into her treat ball? Nah....

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