Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm getting a lot of anonymous comments -- which is fine, except that some of them ask questions and I can't respond without a point of origin! But here's a basic review:
  • Laev was born 16 February 2005

  • No, she doesn't have separation anxiety. She just hates confinement. There is a difference, and in her it's obvious. But we're working on that!

  • Yes, I can teach a puppy basic obedience without destroying "drive." What is drive, anyway? Intensity? Energy? How does early learning prevent that? Besides, when I see this little girl throw herself into a down and then bounce up into a sit, I think she's pretty intense and energetic. :-)

  • "Ascomannis" is the kennel name. (See "Laevatein" is a name from Norse mythology, specifically a weapon belonging to Loki, the infamous god of mischief and fire. It can be translated "wand of destruction," which I think is pretty apt for this pup!


vicky said...

Re ignorant people saying dumb things...when I am around someone who is going on and on about dogs injuring and killing people, I say, "Actually males do more harm."

"Dogs?" they say.

"No, humans" I say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
I'm a lurker on the CS yahoo group, that's how I know about your blog. As far as the natural tail and ears are concerned- I love them, and I'm thrilled to know you could get a puppy from working lines who hadn't already been docked. As far as the ears being less expressive, I don't think so. I have a boxer mix who has natural tail and ears and his ears are very expressive. I think it's because of the erect base of the ear. My dog can go all the way from folding them against his head (kind of a rose ear) to a "Dumbo" look where they look like they're about to pop up straight.
I had one problem navigating your blog page, I couldn't find any photos except the 2 sets from the breeder at 4 and 5 weeks. If you have a chance could you help me out with that? I'd love to watch her grow. I hope your life quiets down so you can spend more time just having fun with your dogs.