Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Night Before

She's almost here!

Lisa and Jes approved my own name choice, so when all the corrective paperwork is finished, she'll be Ascomannis Laevatein. The puppy testing was done this week to determine which puppy went to which home; the majority of this took place in a welding shop, apparently, to test the pups' reactions to the slick painted floors, the odd lighting, the smells, the sounds, the many strange objects and equipment, etc. They also gave the dogs tugging tests on entirely new materials, exposed them to family and to strangers, and took them for walks along an airstrip. This dog is going to have nerves of steel.

Here's what Lisa wrote to me:
I think you will really enjoy your puppy. She has good drive, is possessive of her toys and loves food and doing the little tracking squares. She shows a marked recognition of her family members and interacts ok with other people too. I think she will be a dog who shows a strong bond to her handler and does not act like everyone else is just as special. She has a beautiful dark-pigmented face and nice full muzzle with good bone and body size.

I can hardly wait! She flies in tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

Your adoring public, soon to be Crocodile Dog's adoring public, expects pictures. Preferably pictures taken at the airport. And in the airport parking lot. And in the car on the way home. And at home. And meeting Shakespeare. And meeting AVA. And meeting the cats. And everything else that could possibly have a picture taken of it. We want PICTURES!!!!!

All hail Crocodile Puppy!

Anonymous said...

She's here! She's here! MrMelchoir said she's here! So where are my pictures?????????? --Al