Friday, May 06, 2005

Baby Agility

I haven't done any preparatory work for agility yet, except inadvertently leaving a tunnel once where Laev could find it and amuse herself by hiding and playing in it. But this evening I introduced Laev to some of the equipment.

First, the teeter. I really thought she wouldn't have much trouble with this, as she's generally fearless, but you never know.... I didn't realize exactly how fearless she would be! After a couple of reps I knew I had to get this recorded and conscripted my husband.

on the teeter

Want to see the video (2.9 MB)? You may be able to see it by clicking on the link, or you may need to right-click and download to view. The sound in the background is that of bricks being cut for our house. :-)

learning proper and safe A-frame position

Here you can see Laev learning a safer position for a large dog on the A-frame. See how her spine is rounded and all her weight is on her rear legs? This will protect her shoulders as she descends and lands.

I'd love to teach her running contacts, if I can find a reliable method for her. I haven't heard of too much luck with larger dogs and running contacts. I welcome suggestions!

sharing a bed

This happened while we let the dogs have some time together while we worked on the house. Shakespeare generally tries to pretend the puppy doesn't exist (except if he thinks someone else is threatening the puppy, in which case suddenly he cares a lot from his crate!), but he was too much a gentleman to refuse her a corner of his bed.

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Tami said...

It's interesting to see how trainers I respect raise their puppies differently. ;^) Helix's Joey is being taught all the foundations but won't actually be introduced to agility equipment until he's a year old. If I remember correctly she's following Jo Sermon's training plan on this.
Granted I'm not seriously into agility so definitely not an expert, just thought it was interesting to note! One of my local friends, Heather, also started out early introducing her BC puppy, London, to equipment and skills and I think in his first time out as a year old in a trial placed. (
Enjoy Laev!