Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm a Slacker

Okay, Laev's finally starting to get the "down" verbal cue. I wish I could say what great technique I'd used to make it click for her, but frankly I have no clue. :-) I think it just finally sank in.

There is the slight problem that she will fold back for the hand signal, but likes to walk into the down with a verbal cue. I want a foldback. I think we can fix that, though. She sure is happy to do obedience! I love puppies.

But there are quite a few things I haven't done.

  • I've had her touch my palm, but no real targeting yet. I'll be needing that later for all kinds of things, so I should probably be using it.

  • I haven't done much formal recall training. By that I mean, restrained recalls, etc. She does come when called -- of course she does! She's 11 weeks old! -- but I haven't conditioned a cue for this.

  • I should be tracking even more often.

  • There are probably things I should be doing differently during play to enhance retrieving in the future, but I'm not doing them now. We do have fun play sessions, she does chase and pick up objects, and she does usually bring them back to me. The only exception is when she runs past me to do a victory lap. I'm not sure I want to worry about this now.

I thought we were making good housetraining progress, but last night was bad -- visiting a friend, and two accidents indoors! /sigh/ I was so very, very spoiled by Dante....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time to break out that umbillical cord for housebreaking....

vicky said...

But...she doesn't scream in her crate anymore, right?

And you take her places...she meets people...and the fact that you notice that you haven't done what you mean to do, probably means that you are doing far more than most people.


Laura said...

about that umbilical cord.... Yeah, I've considered that. But both accidents occurred when Laev was very close to me -- just behind me. So what I really need is not a cord, but a pair of rear-view mirrors mounted to my head. ;-)

No mistakes yesterday or today, though!

Yes, Vicky, you're right -- she is absolutely wonderful in her crate (I actually forgot I had her in the car the other day!). She's obnoxiously loud in her outdoor pen, though. Gotta figure out something about that.

And Laev doesn't know that it is isn't normal to pass by several dozen people and play learning games in the middle of a shopping area. So that's gratifying. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement. :-)