Sunday, May 22, 2005

slow going -- with web, not puppy

Sorry for the erratic posting; I have been having a truly terrible time getting online, and I'm averaging about once a week of connection. Not good!

Anyway, Laev isn't learning anything dramatically new except for stays with distractions (can you wait while I open the crate door? Open the house door? Set down a food bowl?), but we're still practicing our other behaviors. I need to do some shaping with her, get her to practice creativity. I like that in my dogs.

Had a weird tracking session on Friday; we both completely lost the track I'd laid. I knew where it was, but could find no food at all when she lost it. Neither could Laev. I left her with a tracking friend and went ahead, following that leg and the turn, but still no food or visible prints. I did find the jackpot at the end of the track, but that's it! What happened? That's the first time I've seen Laev completely lose a track, and I know I wasn't that far off, even if I'd moved a bit, as we were moving along a fenceline and I simply couldn't get that misplaced. Hm. Anyway, we finished with a big recall party. :-)

Laev does adorable heeling. I really have to get some video at this point.

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