Monday, May 09, 2005

Vet Visit Okay, and I Learn to Wash Sacks

Laev was complimented on her conformation and stable personality as she took shots with little notice. She did pee on the floor, but we'd all confused the fussy insistance at the door with a fussy puppy wanting to check out a new place. :-( Bad handler! We made quite a picture, though, in the waiting room, with a large Doberman, a Doberpup and a Rottweiler. Two of the three waited calmly as asked. The little one was a little bouncy, though. ;-)

Shakespeare indeed has a dead tooth, an upper canine. It's fine for now, I'm told, and we won't extract it until it starts giving him trouble. He certainly doesn't seem bothered in any form. But I don't want to risk him breaking it off....

Tonight Laev seemed a littler reluctant to play with a burlap sack which I was using for tug. I was frustrated by this, until at the end I looked down at my black shirt and saw hundreds of little fibers all over! Obviously that would be nasty in the mouth! So that explains her reduced excitement for that particular toy.

She's sleeping right now on my parents' carpet. Too cute.

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