Monday, June 13, 2005

of tarps and teeters

ye gads, has it really been a week without tracking? Wow, I've been bad.

I've been giving Laev less training time, since her teeth hurt and she's easily distracted, but then I feel guilty about spending less time with her overall. It's now far too hot to take her on car trips where she can't go inside with me, and there are fewer places that will allow a 4-month Doberman inside than a 9-week little blob that's too cute and small to present a problem.

Plus, I'm going on vacation next week, and that means she'll be spending almost all of her time in the 13x7.5' kennel run. It's well-fitted -- it has an 80% shade cover, a very nice doghouse with cedar shavings, etc. -- but it's hardly stimulating. I feel guilty already.

Shakespeare is perking up considerably, which makes me happy. I don't know if he's adapting to the heat or is just revitalized by playing in the pond refilled by our tornadic storm.

We went to an agility fun night with some friends, and Laev had a blast running through the tunnel and chute. She's also absurdly comfortable on the teeter -- she'll jump up and land on top of the high end, which isn't necessarily something I want her to be doing at this age, but at least she's not afraid of it! No jumps of course, as she's far too young. Likewise I'm trying to stay away from the A-frame and dogwalk.

Speaking of NOT AFRAID.... Jon and I have a giant tarp, large enough to cover our entire house while it was under construction this winter, and I wanted it under control. So we were trying to fold it this weekend while Laev was in the yard playing. It was harder to fold than one might think, because it is 100' or so long and because Laev was busy having puppy zoomies all over the tarp! It didn't matter if we were holding the tarp four feet off the ground trying to fold it, she'd run right over it and smash the tarp and herself to the ground, landing at a gallop and having a blast.

Jon looked at me across the sea of muddy pawprinted-tarp. "Well, you got what you wanted," he said. "I'm not sure why you wanted it, but you got it!"

I still worry about fireworks and similar noises, but I have to say that Laev has not shown any sound sensitivity since that time.... Here's hoping....

Why is it that I think all day of things to record in the blog, and then when I finally get to a place with internet access (yes, I'm still without access at home), I cannot remember the good stuff?

I need to go tracking.

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