Tuesday, August 16, 2005

um, you're gonna need those teeth later....

Laev is eating her kennel.

Well, not eating, but biting. And tugging. And yanking. She's got a mouthful of chain link and is flexing it backward. I happened to see this as I looked out the window, curious about the frustrated (not playful) growls and screams I was hearing outside.

The fence fabric is twisted and bent, now. This is serious business.

See, I'm not playing any tug games with her, as she's too young to be able to summon a serious hard bite right now and we don't want to practice soft bites. (Things are a little different pre-teething.) But without that as a physical outlet, she's going berserk. I can't run her to wear her out, either, because her growth plates aren't closed and I don't want to risk damage.

I guess we'll be doing some targeting and ball-chasing games, maybe. I hope that's enough. Help?

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