Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What did that toilet brush ever do to you?

We've made it through infant puppyhood with relatively little chewing damage -- my best puppyhood yet, I think. That's due to an obscene amount of supervision and management. :-) But I can see that as Laev earns more house privileges, the supervision will have to be maintained or increased.

Last week I heard furious barking from the direction of my bathroom. I went to check, figuring that Laev had cornered a cat in the tub or something. But no; she was merely challenging the toilet brush which had been pulled from its holder and lay playing possum on the tiled floor. I rescued the toilet brush and returned it.

Since that time, however, she has taken every opportunity to seize the brush and teach it a lesson. I don't understand the attraction of the toilet brush over what else she has to play with, but apparently Toilet Brush is the new Kong.

Then this morning I turned around to see that she had dragged the vacuum to the dog bed so she could chew on it at leisure. The vacuum. Whatever happened to typical puppy antics like stealing underwear?

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Anonymous said...

Need new pictures of the puppy!