Sunday, September 18, 2005

happy trials to you.... until AKC raises the rates

Weekend wrap-up: AKC Rally Obedience, 98/100 and 98/100. At least we're consistent. :-)

AKC Open, NQ x 2. I was really pleased with Saturday's run, though, and we had the same error both days -- he didn't respond to the first send for the retrieve on flat and the retrieve over high jump, respectively. On the second try, he did each very well, got compliments. I thought it was stress-related -- Sunday he was clearly very stressed, our heeling was uuuugly, if one were even generous enough to call it heeling -- but three different people told me they thought I was speaking too softly in the ring and that he didn't hear me send him. I'm not sure that he couldn't hear me, but I'll buy that maybe I am too soft in a loud noisy trial and he's too stressed to go without a hearty voice.

As I told someone today, the moral of this weekend's story is that two days of trialing is okay, but three in a row is too much for this dog. And anyway, he held the out-of-sight stays, which I know are very stressful for ths momma's boy -- even though another dog broke and went visiting around the ring and caused a minor snark. Whatta boy!

But this is Laev's blog, not Shakespeare's, and I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting his results on here. (Got in a rut of dog reports, I suspect.) But I did take Laev to the trial today, just to get her some mileage. No one thought she was a coonhound. ;-)

I know I said AKC Rally courses were shorter than APDT, but I had ample demonstration of that yesterday. My sister went with me for her first AKC trial (and second trial ever; first was UKC-SDA trial last April) and competed in Rally. I'd meant to video her run, but forgot, so she taped mine instead. Only I'd left the video accidentally in the middle of last week's APDT trial, and now there's about a third of our APDT run, our entire AKC run, and then the last third of our APDT run again. Yeah, I'd say there's a course difference.

Everyone I spoke to who'd done both, including an AKC Rally judge who was competing this weekend, says that AKC is easier than APDT. I haven't seen such a difference in venues before, as most are roughly comparable, except that a lot of people say UKC Utility is tougher than AKC. I'm not sure if it's really tougher, or just different, but most people train for AKC.... Anyway, AKC Rally was short and sweet, even if AKC is being a bunch of extortionists by not counting it as a second class and charging big bucks for it, and I should have entered Laev, too, this weekend. ;-) (Not really -- we're not short on time.)

But really -- conformation and Obedience are less money to do than Rally and Obedience? How do they reconcile that conformation and Obedience are the same event but Rally is not? That's just purely mercenary. I think it's obvious that they realized Rally is popular and wanted to cash in.

Oh, and my sister got a score of 90 and her first leg in her Rally run. :-)

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