Friday, September 23, 2005

Praise the Dog -- Slap the Handler!

Went tracking today. Carefully laid my track, sighting along trees for a straight line and then corners.

Got puppy. Started track. Noticed that she was drifting upwind (unusual, to say the least). I guided her back to the track. She went upwind again.

Repeat. Repeat.

Finally realize that I am sighting along the wrong tree this time! I hadn't used the big individual tree, but the uniquely white one. I'd forgotten that while laying Shakespeare's track. Laev was resisting the blown scent trail and instead clinging, like the good little footstep tracker that she is, to the original track. I'd been correcting her from doing exactly what I want her to do, and in challenging circumstances.

See above regarding "praise the dog, slap the handler."

So I quickly laid another short track, heavily baited, and let her work it out without any "help" from me. This second track had only two trees. ;-)

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