Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rally Obedience Video

In case of insomnia, download video -- these are two edited bits of our recent APDT Rally Obedience trial.

Shakespeare's video is from his fourth run of the day, and you can tell he's mentally tired and physically worn from the heat, but I picked a few of the more interesting exercises from Level 2, including a jump and my personal favorite, the stationary sidestep. You can also catch me delivering a small treat after the sidestep, since it's an exercise which ends with us both standing still before starting for the next station.

(APDT allows certain deliveries of treats in the ring, under restriction, but limits repetition of cues/commands and disallows any luring in the ring. AKC disallows treats, but allows unlimited cues/commands and does not penalize luring with fake treats in the ring.)

Laev's video shows the very end of her 18-station course; this is her first time in the ring. You can see why she scored a 169 -- she's pretty good for a puppy, but she's not quite good enough. We're not very proud of that sloppy stand at the end, but I do like her attention and her happy heeling attitude. Not bad for a six-month-old!


vicky said...

Hi Laura:

Shakespeare sure does have a fast sit! Laeve is happy and attentive!

And tell your helper 'click/treat' for delivering Laeve's bumper so quickly after you left the ring! Good helper!!


oh, I LIKE the 'word verification' more 'join my weird list please' posters! Did this magically appear, or did you request it??

Laura said...

Thank you for your kind words about Shakespeare's sit. He was giving me a lot that day, and while I would have been happier with a bit more energy, I know that he was physically and mentally pooped by then. :-)

I had *begged* for fast toy delivery after Laev's run, because I anticipated that she would be just a wad of jumping teeth by the time we exited. But she was relatively focused instead, which surprised me a little. But it's great to know that people can come through!

And Blogger just introduced the option of word verification. This will, I hope, reduce the number of invitations Laev receives to consider wedding photography for her upcoming nuptuals.... ;-)