Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Big, Big Mouth

Why, yes, she does have an enormous mouth. And she likes to stuff it. Here you see Laev with not one but two Dober-sized toys crammed into her maw. I'm not sure why she doesn't gag herself, but she loves this.


Anonymous said...

I love the floppy dobe ears! Just out of curiosity - do you have to watch for ear infections also? I know you've been feeding a high quality kibble, if you haven't switched back to a raw diet.

Tami & the Scocker Crew
Norbert (corn makes my ears inflamed) & Nessa (I can eat anything, but shouldn't!)
Hillsboro, OR

Laura said...

I really want to get back on raw, but the freezer door is broken....

But no, I don't worry about ear infections. In fact, the only study I've heard about which compared hanging and cropped ears in breeds which are often cropped found that cropping did *not* prevent ear infections and in fact that cropped dogs had a slightly higher incidence of infection.

Reasons? I would *guess* that since most cropped breeds are smooth-coated, the cropping allows more debris to enter the ear in the first place. Also, correct Doberman ears are lifted slightly and are not heavy like hound ears (Laevatein is not a stellar example of this, but Shakespeare is), which means they aren't prone to the same kind of problems as some heavy-eared breeds.

Of course, I happened across a summary of this study years ago and have no record of it now, so I'm not going to be dogmatic about this -- certainly I'm not going to base a cropping argument on it -- but it was interesting to read.

I wish Laev's ears were a little smaller. But maybe she'll eventually grow into them, like I hope she'll grow into her feet!