Monday, November 28, 2005

First Heat :-(

Laev is in heat. While I'm glad it held off this long, I'd rather avoid it entirely! Ah, well.

Little posting lately, because I've been involved elsewhere. But we're still training....

Some really nice heelwork on Saturday, rewarded with the tug toy; I sure wish I had video of that! We need to go places and do it with more distractions.

Today I wanted to track in the rain, just for the experience, but the rain actually stopped when we reached the park (now would that have happened if I'd wanted to track dry?). Still, Laev did her best corner in weeks on today's L-shaped track. We've started article work, but it hasn't clicked in her mind yet.

And I'm spending some time with Shakespeare, who will be playing Sandy again in a local production of "Annie" for Christmas. Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Tracking -

Laura, have you read Carolyn Krause's new book "Try Tracking - The Puppy Tracking Primer"?

Tami & the Scocker Crew
Norbert & Nessa
Hillsboro, OR