Saturday, December 31, 2005

Puppy Practice

Laev rocked at Schutzhund practice this week -- she's finally figuring out how to focus on me despite other dogs' presence, and she's given me some really nice heeling in the training barn. That darn mulch flooring still lures her, though! We're working on that. Tonight I used it as a reward a couple of times, clicking for a sit and eye contact and then letting her sniff the floor.

I really need to find other practice venues as well, though; I am eyeing a local trial in February and want her to be prepared for it. No, I don't expect her to take High In Trial ;-) but I want her to have a good first obedience trial and not feel overwhelmed. That's our primary goal; she's got a lot of years ahead of her and I want her to think trials are easy and fun!

I have some photos of her doing her puppy bitework which I'll try to post soon.

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vicky said...'s tough when you are an idiot...not YOU Laura...ME! I had the wrong name on the bottom of my 'where to start' of course it couldn't find it.

Anyway, I have fixed it...and the link is good now. If you had gone from the side of the page (the index) which you shouldn't NEEDED to have done, of course, if I'd done it right, you would have found it.

Anyway, tomorrow I will again check all the links...but I think they are all good now...sigh...vicky