Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good News & Bad News

Good News:
I found a way to keep her upright during stays, which is to get her amped about something and have her wait for it. She freezes up and waits and has now about a 30-second sit-stay at AKC competitive distance. It's not really bombproof, though. Self-control is not a new thing for her, but I'm not entirely sure that having her anticipate a burst of ecstasy is the best way to get stability....

Bad News:
Laev kind of flunked her practice run at a show 'n go. I *know* she has beautiful heeling, but that day, it just wasn't there. I think it was just environmental distraction, but still, it didn't fill me with hope for her upcoming trial. (On the other hand, Shakespeare actually did better than I anticipated, so I considered the day a net average.)

Good News:
Laev is a star in her bitework. She loves it! I have some video which I'll try to shrink and post here....

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