Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well, Laev got kind of neglected last week as I worked on cosplay, but she's been doing very well in her bitework. So well, in fact, that our helper was surprised to be reminded this week that she's only 10.5 months old.

She is uncomfortable with others handling her or her prize, though, after she's won the sleeve. This is something I've been working on steadily at home since her arrival, teaching her that I can be near her and handle her body and her chew toys while she chews. I didn't want a resource guarder. But apparently the adrenaline rush of bitework overrides all else! She was much better this week than last week, however, so apparently we're making progress.

She's going to be too young to do her BH at our club trial this year, but I think a BH might have been stretching it, anyway. She's doing quite well for her age, but I'm not sure she can maintain focus for the entire duration of a BH. She'll be fine a few months later, and there's no hurry.

We're having trouble with our sit-stays, preparing for next month's obedience trial. Laev just doesn't seem to understand the concept. She stays quite well, but she seems convinced she should drop to a down position. We're working on it, though....

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