Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Back!

I spent the last week on vacation (whee!) but that meant the dogs were at home (they usually can't all travel with us, and especially not on a cruise ship). I have an awesome petsitter, but that's still not enough for the Laev-monster. I found lines in her daily notes such as "Laev's wild!" and "she'll be happy to have you home!" Poor petsitter. :-)

Laev's first obedience trial is this Friday, and she's just had a week off from all thinking, so we're going to be doing some cramming this week! Our biggest struggle is to find places away from home to practice, as it's the distraction of new environments that seems to be the hurdle for this 11-month old brain. And I doubt the judge will come to our kitchen for a demonstration of what she can really do...!

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