Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Collar Warning & Alternative

Every once in a while, one hears of a collar accident. This past week I encountered two -- Laev caught her martingale on a borrowed drop-pin crate, and a client's dog caught her flat bucklet collar on her backyard fence.

I was there when Laev's crate came apart and she leapt out, dragging three interlinked panels behind her by her collar. She was unhurt and unfazed, thinking it was great fun, but it could have been serious if she had tangled and the collar had tightened. The other dog, a sweet and intelligent Labrador mix, died in her accident.

But it's not practical to leave a dog without visible ID; I received another phone call this morning regarding a lost dog. There has to be a happy compromise.

I have seen safety collars before, but the best design has to be the one offered by Tazlab. Unlike some other models, these are safe and at the same time useful as a collar. They actually are sturdy -- I tested one by placing it on Laev and then releasing a cat. If the collar held through that, it isn't going to break easily.

I get no reimbursement for recommending these, but Shakespeare is wearing one now. I keep visible ID on my dogs in case someone leaves a gate open, or I am in a car accident and their crates break open, or any number of odd things. I feel this is the best of both worlds, at least.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations for the collar.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks!
My mom's dogs were playing the other day and one got his tooth stuck in the other's collar. Luckily they managed to get free while my mom was getting something to cut the collar off.
She is now buying these collars.
Thanks again!

Miss W said...

So what is supposed to happen with this collar if it gets stuck on a fence or another dogs teath? Is it supposed to break before choking the dog? My other worry would be one dog pulling the collar off another, and then chewing up and eating the prize.

Laura said...

The collar doesn't break; as you can see from their site, it stretches when caught but is secure when on leash. Nice design.

A dog who is going to eat another dog's collar is going to eat something -- a traditional collar or a rock or a chair. :-) I'd rather provide adequate alternative toys than keep no collars on the dogs.