Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lookit My Puppy!

If you haven't seen Cindy Noland's art, you need to check it out. She does fabulous photography, and she managed to capture the only existing still of Laev's temperament test: see here and then you'd better look at the rest of her work here. I'm going to be ordering some more prints from her, too.

I kind of like this picture of Laev. Even though she wasn't feeling the best, because of coming into season, she still wants a piece of that bad guy. You can just see the edge of his stick in the frame. What you can't see is how, immediately after the attacker's retreat, Laev greets the evaluator with an enthusiastic bounce and a happy slurp to the face.

It's a curse of this type of training that all photos are handler butt shots.... ;-)

1 comment:

judi said...

Love the pic of Laev during her temperment test! She looks really good Laura!!