Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rain & Weaves

It's drizzly and cold today (about 45 degrees F) so I took Laev out and practiced heeling in the rain, downing on wet gravel and sitting in the mud. We were using a tug as a reward, so she was fine with all of it. :-) But I want her to be comfortable working even in icky environmental conditions.

Then we went into my training building and starting playing with weave poles. I'm trying out Susan Garrett's 2x2 method for the first time; we'll see how it goes! We got through step three today, with Laev finding the entry between two off-set poles.


oldhall said...

Trained... CHICKENS?????

Laura said...

/laugh/ why yes, I have. See http://www.caninesinaction.com/media/workshop.mpg for a short music video I made to exercise the right half of my brain while the left half trained chickens for 100 hours or so....

Seriously, Bob Bailey is a fantastic trainer and instructor.