Thursday, April 27, 2006

UDC Videos

Finally! Camera and computer are now on speaking terms, more or less, and I was able to pull some video to post.

Shakespeare's UDC Adult Temperament Test - Again, this test is not designed to give a complete evaluation of the dog's character, but only to demonstrate that he is basically a Doberman in spirit.

Shakespeare passes with a Sufficient rating.

Laev's UDC Youth Temperament Test - Slightly different to accomodate a younger dog. Laev passes with a Pronounced rating.

(The barking in the background of the TT is from a weekly agility class being run on a nearby field at Purina Farms. But you can still hear the test audio just fine.)

Laev trying an exercise from the Character Test - this is the hidden noise portion of the test; the sound is created by trash can lids and chains being dragged across corrugated metal roofing.

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