Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

On Sunday, Laev earned her first performance title by finishing her APDT Level 1 Rally debut. :-) She didn't quite make the Award of Excellence, missing it by two points in her second leg. The judge hit us for 3 points for a second cue (my continued posture), while I know (because I know my dog) that it was just a slow response to the first cue and by the time she looked around and saw me it appeared to be a second cue. However, I also feel that if we were cutting it that close, we didn't really deserve that Award of Excellence, and she'll just have to pick it up for Level 2.

We actually NQ'd on her first time in 1B (for titled dogs; follows 1A, for untitled dogs) -- or, I should say, I NQ'd! Laev was getting a little fussy and started some "vertical heeling" (bouncing in place at my side) and as I spoke to her to get her back on track, I did a 360 right instead of the 360 left the sign called for. Oops! That would have been a decent run, too. Oh, well.

Shakespeare finished his Level 3 and has way more than enough points for his ARCH; he needs 2 QQs for that. We'll get those our next time out!

On Monday, I suggested we go back to using a gate for the hold and bark. Laev just isn't holding herself in the blind and I don't think she really understood that the gate work should carry to the blind. So we're combining them. We didn't make awesome progress in our two sessions of about five reps each (why would we in ten reps?), but on her last attempt she just bumped the padded leather collar instead of hitting the prong, and she was holding herself nicely at the gate. So maybe the light bulb will come on.

Tuesday... And then there are some days when you just don't like her.... Today I took her out to a friend's agility field, and she just could hardly be bothered with me. Didn't want to play, didn't want to give me attention, just wanted to zone. I did get a little dogwalk work and a couple of tunnel runs, finally, but she had to go back into the crate twice (if you won't play with me, you won't play, is the rule) and never really "turned on" for this session. Tired? Probably, but I wasn't asking for that much, and I know she could do this. Adolescent brain distracted by something shiny, just as likely.

But Sunday and Monday were good. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Gotta love those teenagers. Then again, I'm pretty glad mine are past that stage.

Congrats on the Rally title!

Aase in Norway