Saturday, May 20, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Rally...

...and Laura's getting what she deserves.

It was a healthy drive to our Rally trial this weekend, and I'm running eight courses a day, so I thought I'd drive over the night before and get some rest. Wasn't that a nice thought?

I forgot a crate for the motel room.

So Shakespeare is lying on my bed like a good dog, wondering why we're all still awake. Laev is sleepy but resisting, and she keeps leaving her makeshift bed (a towel and my jeans) to roam the room -- stealing a shampoo packet from the bathroom, my keys from the table, a bar of soap from the tub edge, or whacking the trash can for the fun sound it makes. She's almost never stolen and chewed illegal items at home, but she's also never been great at settling herself; she's always needed an outside hand or crate to keep her still long enough until she could pass out when she's tired. I thought she was doing quite well for a while, but apparently she just can't get to sleep.

I could put her in the car overnight, but I'll wait a while longer before I resort to that.

I don't understand the attraction of the soap, really.


TwoLittleBorderCollies said...

I love this blog. I have been reading it the past year and at times was depressed that I did not spend all the time I could training my dogs. My dog Kipp is, I think, nearly the same age as Laev.

I must say it is a relief to know that even Real Dog Trainers have dogs with quirks! :)

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by!

The only difference between a "pet owner" and a "Real Dog Trainer" is the attention to detail. :-) I know many "pet owners" who are as scientific and careful about their training as any professional I know. Do the best you can with your own dogs, all the while studying to be better, and you're a Real Dog Trainer, too! /grin/

I'd love to meet Kipp on your profile. :-)