Thursday, June 08, 2006

Behavior Geek

(Warning: This is about me and only tangentally about Laev.)

Okay, so I've always admitted I'm way into this behavior stuff. Behavior analysis is my business and my hobby. But I didn't realize exactly how bad I was.

I have to re-certify for my CPDT this year, the initials which say I passed the first national certification program for trainers (with a 95%, if anyone besides my mom cares). I needed to accrue 36 Continuing Education Credits in the past three years to recertify without testing. That's 36 hours of specific CCPDT-approved education.

Sitting next to me, I have documented evidence of 189.75 hours, and I haven't even collected all of my CEU forms yet. That does not include an entire ClickerExpo (another 20 CEUs) or any of the other seminars I haven't dug up the paperwork for yet.

In addition, my husband asked about the other seminars I've attended that were not specifically pre-approved for CEUs. I told him I could apply for credit from those, but it's probably not worth the time it would take me to do the paperwork. :-)

Laev has been to only a few of these seminars, and only one for which I myself earned CEUs (that was the Kathy Sdao Advanced Clicker Training workshop, which was fabulous), but she'll be racking up some more miles with me in the future. Wow. She has a geek for a partner.

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