Thursday, June 01, 2006


Right now Laev is lying on my bedroom floor. A few minutes ago, she carried her toy into the sunny spot by the window and, after struggling for a moment with inner conflict, lay down. This is important because it's one of the first dozen or so times that Laev has settled herself in the house without me having to artificially settle her (crate, mat, chew, etc.).

That sunspot crash didn't last too long, and she got up to go raid the kitchen trash. I heard her and went after her, replacing the trash and directing her to another toy. We petted a moment in the kitchen, and then I returned to the bedroom and the computer, and Laev wandered around the bedroom, looking for a soft spot but definitely *not* sleepy. Never sleepy. She finally chose the rug beside the bed and chomped a toy for a while before gradually rolling onto her side....

Oops! Inky just barked outside, and Laev left to check that out. Still, that's pretty good for a dog who's never been able to let herself just stop. Even as a tiny puppy we used to laugh ourselves sore at her, because she'd fight falling asleep so very, very hard.

By the way, Laev has finally gotten the idea of swinging her hindquarters around behind me for left turns. We haven't practiced it a lot, but I was actually getting left 90- and 180-degree pivots in the great room on Tuesday night. Yay!

Oops! Another trash raid. Laev has now been busted to her crate for a (obviously needed) nap.

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