Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anytime, Anywhere

Well, okay, this is actually just on my front porch when Jon and I came home late from a wedding. But this picture makes me laugh.


judi said...

Great pic Laura!!


vicky said...

Hi Laura:

I haven't been here since I posted last...BIG change in Laev.

Before you were just trying to organize her to be quiet in her crate...and now I read: she is loose in places...passing stuff...waiting, knowledgeably for 'stuff' to happen, so she can get what she wants...maybe you can't see it, but I can see a big change...of course!

She's getting older, and the work you are putting in is 'taking'.



Do you know much about Shakespeare's past? I don't remember ever reading about his past. He sounds like a very good dog. And I KNOW male Dobermans!

Laura said...

Hi, Vicky. Yes, Laev's really growing up! It's amazing what she can do when she's thinking!

Shakespeare came to me at roughly 11 months old. I was his fourth home. The way I heard it:

1) His first owner died.
2) His second owner inherited him and found that a young Doberman was far too energetic for her. She walked into a pet supply store and handed the dog's leash to a manager.
3) The third owner, the manager, was working full-time and also attending school at night. He also had two small kids and a terrier mix. The dogs spent 18+ hours a day gated in the kitchen (not counting sleep time), learning to urinate on the floor, etc., simply because he didn't have time for them.
4) He told me he was surrendering the dogs to the shelter, knowing that I'd seen the Dobe before, and I arranged that Shakespeare never hit the adoption floor. ;-)

It was really odd -- I *really* felt a connection the first time I saw Shakespeare (that wasn't his name then) with owner #3. It really felt like that man had my dog! And I'd told him that if ever he couldn't keep the dog to let me know, which he did. And I'm so glad!

Shakespeare is a very special dog. He's not top performance quality because he stresses down, but he's an amazing thinking dog and a brilliant breed ambassador. He ain't never going to home #5!