Sunday, August 27, 2006

Squirrel. Jeep. Bad.

So I walked out this morning and noticed something hanging from beneath the front end of my car....

It wouldn't need a Prince Humperdinck to track what had happened. Apparently a squirrel or similar prey had tried to take refuge within the underbelly of my Jeep. Laev (or theoretically one of the other dogs, on their turns out in the yard, but I strongly suspect Laev) had attempted to remove it by ripping out the mud shield from beneath the Jeep. At least two pieces had been shredded completely off, and the main shield was half-removed from the car.

In addition, the entire hood and the lower windshield was liberally smeared with pawprints and scrapes, where a dog had checked for an entrance from above.

I crawled under the car and replaced the remaining mud shield, and I suspect the paw prints will wash off easily, and I'm hoping there aren't any really serious scratches in the paint. If there are, well, I already own a bit of touch-up paint. I didn't see any squirrel bits, so apparently it went out the other side. Sheesh!

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