Saturday, September 23, 2006


Three sends to the blind today to start; all perfectly clean. Then we did obedience for the bite, requiring Laev to look at me (away from the helper!) to be alerted, then cued to sit, and she must sit to be sent to the helper. Very tough in the beginning, but today Laev was thinking a bit and she nailed all of her sits within three seconds or less (which would be an eternity if she were just working with me, but is not bad for literally dropping her out of the air while she's lunging at the helper and saying, "sit!" on her way down). We're going to whittle that down to a second or less, and then we'll add other cues to the mix....

I didn't start by asking her to look at me in the beginning, but I'm really glad that I'm doing it. If she can't even look at me, how is she going to listen while she's raging at the helper? And this will only improve her focus on me and her ability to hear and obey in heavy distraction. :-) Interestingly, it seems to be easier for her to sit quickly out of her frenzy, still looking at the helper, than to look away from the helper to me during the moment of quiet before I cue her to rev. That's okay; I just wait her out, and she's getting that looking at me starts the game.

But, she did quite well today, and I'm looking forward to playing with this. She's a quick little dog, and I think she'll be good at this. It's really good for me, too, as I have to give accurate feedback. Timing is everything!


Anonymous said...

Great work Laura & Laev!

It must be very satisfying to see some big pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

I'm really, really enjoying your blog. I check regularly for new postings and am always inspired by your training philosophy and ideas. I've also recommended this page to a number of people I've met who do, or wish to do, protection sports with clicker methods.

Aase Lange
Oslo, Norway

shinteetah said...

Wow, thank you! :-) Working with Laev is pretty satisfying even when I *don't* get great results right away; she's pretty good at making me think. :-) She's just a fun dog. Thanks for visiting us!