Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Am Not Dead

I have been informed that I have been a "slacker" for not updating the blog, but I plead the following:

1) I spent 3 weeks out of the country
2) I returned and spent 6.5 days in bed with high fever
3) I arose and celebrated Christmas with multiple households
4) I am presently trying to catch up from all of the above as well as
4.a) preparing to host a New Year's Eve party
4.b) completing new costumes for competition in the first week of January
4.c) preparing three panels' worth of information for lecture and discussion at the same time

Laev is getting some remedial heelwork, straightening her half-tracking heel, and a little bit of long down practice, as well as standard play, etc. Her regularly scheduled blog will return sometime in the second week of January. :-)


Ana said...

I want to hear more about your other endeavors (like the costume making, trip out of the country, and your lecture). Do you have another blog you would be willing to share??

Melissa Alexander said...

Glad to here you're back in the country and feeling better. Can't wait for an update!

Laura said...

Hi, Ana. Thanks for the interest, but I have no other blog. This is for several reasons:

- I have little enough time to maintain this one, so a second one would be sorely neglected.
- Most of my life would be profoundly dull when viewed in blog format. I'll just mention the lecture panels/con here and call it good enough. :-)