Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is Kinetic Energy

My sister Alena was sitting on a wooden chair in my great room. Her laptop computer was, fortunately, not on her lap at all but on a table before her.

Down the hall, I released Laev from her crate. She'd waited politely at the door, as required, but now was happily burning energy. She raced down the hall at her usual breakneck pace, skidded skillfully about the corner on the laminate flooring, and set off through the great room.

I heard a loud sound, a cry from Alena and then much laughter.

Laev had not expected Alena to be there, apparently, and had barreled into the chair with enough force to knock it from underneath Alena and flip it upside down as it bounced away. Alena, suspended for one instant without a chair, fell to the floor. Laev thought this was all hilarious and pounced on Alena.

I think I may have mentioned that the dog has no body sensitivity? Yeah.

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