Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vision in Dogs

A friend sent me this article on canine vision. Really fascinating, that members of the same species could have such drastically different physiology....

On the other hand, the generalization at the end is clearly bunk. The average Doberman (even allowing for my bias) is no less and probably much more observant than the average French Bulldog. Part of that may be other genetics -- a protection breed might naturally be focused on human expression and behavior than a lapdog breed -- but I don't know of any trainer who would agree with that generalization.

(Now I sit back and wait for flames from French Bulldog owners.... That's not what I said. They're perfectly nice dogs, I know. I just don't believe that they are more attentive to humans than Dobermans, or Greyhounds, or....)

Anyway, it was interesting information, especially concerning our new project -- but more on that later. :-)

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