Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This has nothing, nothing to do with training, but this email exchange was kind of fun, so I'm preserving it here.

Mark: Wii! I managed to grab one from Amazon. It'll be here Thursday. :-) Got it and Twilight Princess.

Laura: Whee! A Wii! We weel wait wonderingly. On Thursday, will Mark cry, Wii! Wii! Wii! all the way home?

Melissa: If there is a party wii will be in attendance. This wiill gave Dave the opportunity to do something wiitarded or wiilly wiilly stupid. At least, I'm hoping for a wiipeat performance.

Alena: But since Mark's house is not set up for large groups, whiire wiill wii wiire up the Wii? (hey, it's getting hard to come up with new words at this point!)

Melissa: Wii can simply meet at Laura and Jon's and wiiplace the Playstation wiiith the wii. Wiimember, they have the large bwiiiutiful big screen!

Laura: Hmm. Wii wiir dowiing wiil, but wii wiil lose thwii points for "bwiiutiful," I fewiil.

Dave: Wow, I've been wiicalcitrant with my email for only a few minutes, and I'm already behind on my wiiplies! Taking the wii to Jon and Laura's wiith wiide scwiin projection wiill be wiiquired eventuallwii, but initialwii, wii should let Mark wiiveal the wonders of his wiimarkable hospitalitwii.

dave (:

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