Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She's Tired?

Laev and I hope to participate in the AD (endurance test) at UDC Nationals this year (weather permitting). The AD consists of a 12.5 mile run for Laev, followed by an obedience routine (I get a bike for the mileage!). So we've started conditioning.

We just returned from a several-mile ride with my sister and her dog, and I checked pads -- no real wear. I offered water on the run, but she only wet her tongue and was finished. She hadn't slowed down at all by the end.

But... after a few moments of being inside, Laev lay down and is now contemplating a nap. Her eyes are still open -- but she's lying still.

It can be done! She *can* be tired! Whew!


Laura said...

I posted too soon. She got up without sleeping, went to the door, and barked to go play outside. /grin/

judi said...

I run w/ my Dobes Laura and am training for a marathon. bring Laev to Cincinnati and she can go on my 18 mile run next week. :)


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, Judi, I am in awe. Marathons are something for "other people," and I am most impressed!

(My pastor used to run Ironman triathalons -- I consider him almost a sort of space alien!)

I visited your blog; I am so sorry about Cheeko. It's so very hard.... DCM is awful, and I know too many people who have lost dogs this way. I know there have been some recent discoveries in the genetics behind it; I hope conscientious breeding will make it less common in the future!

Please come visit UDC Nationals in May and run your Dobes for the AD! Fun for all.

judi said...

Hey again Laura-

I found your blog after several months of not reading it.

Glad Laev got her BH. That is awesome.

I am still training - did 3 triathlons last summer and am getting ready to start training for a full marathon. The offer still stands with Laev. :)