Friday, April 06, 2007

CGC :-)

How did I forget to mention this?

I'd been having a hard time finding a CGC test for Laev, because the person who seems to run them most often around here is me. I drove to a test in another city only to arrive minutes after it closed! So Laev had not been tested.

We met a great guy (Kevin England) at ClickerExpo, though, who mentioned during conversation that he was an evaluator. He offered to do the test right there! So I handed him Laev's leash and walked into the store area for the supervised separation. Then, there in the hotel hallway, we ran through the rest of the test. It was a good testing environment; instead of the 3-4 people required for walking through a crowd, we had a hundred, exiting a popular session! And Laev finally got her CGC.

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