Monday, April 23, 2007

Outside In Spring

Tonight we were outside for protection training, as the field was finally dry enough that we could work without outfitting the dogs in water wings. :-) Laev was THRILLED to be working outside! Positively ecstatic. Finally, enough room to run and do things properly!

We started small, though, sending her only 20' or so to the blind for a hold and bark. Don't ask for more than she can give, and she was awfully excited. She executed a perfect hold and bark, though, despite being so wired that after she'd earned her bite and fight, when our helper slipped the sleeve she pulled backward so fiercely that she flipped herself. That is NOT healthy, and thereafter he was careful to release the sleeve slowly until she was obviously centered, but it was just that she was overjoyed and overstimulated to be working and outdoors.

We did a few more sends to the blind for hold and barks, adding considerable length and more agitation before the send, but Laev was clean and perfect every time. Good girl.

And that's one step toward making up for Saturday's trial...! ;-)

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