Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What I Did On My UDC Vacation, Saturday

After the IPO trial, the helpers had an open practice session. I signed us up; I had just seen a number of dogs struggle with the concept of a right-armed helper and Laev had never worked on a strange field or with a strange helper.

I said that I just wanted to do some easy things, on a new field with a new helper, some basic run-bys and then hold and barks in the blind. It was probably my fault for not being specific, and Laev *is* feminine and might look immature to some, and the helper picked up the puppy sleeve without my knowing it. He did a few run by bites, Laev liked him, and then we set up for hold and barks in the blind.

Laev was very good -- she came around the blind and bumped him with an open mouth, just tasting the sleeve, and then she very deliberately removed herself and settled into a good hold and bark. Her second time, she was perfectly clean, no second thoughts. He gave her the bite, and she gripped hard enough that he couldn't slip it! He had to work his arm free to let her carry the sleeve.

Laev got some nice compliments for her brief session. Too bad we still need to get that darned BH before we can show off our other skills.

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Mom2Many said...

are you still training?