Friday, September 07, 2007

Laev As Exercise Program

I've often joked that Laev's my exercise program, but I didn't realize she was a part of my strength conditioning.

I was working on a new costume and needed to pin the sleeves for taking them in. It was a complicated process, and I kept flipping the garment inside and out as I tried again and again. Finally I realized that I could leave it inside out and simply rotate it on my body, backwards, to size the other sleeve. Wouldn't work with all shirts, but it would with this one.

Well, I spun it around and inserted my left arm into the sleeve. Wow, that was tight! Something had to be wrong; surely my left arm wasn't that much larger than my right. Of course, no one is perfectly symmetrical, but I am right-handed and usually the dominant limb is the larger.

I commented to my husband and sister on the difference and asked if they could help identify where the fabric was caught, as it must be. But it wasn't.

"My left bicep can't be that much bigger than my right!"

Alena looked at me. "Which arm do you use to hold Laev?"

Well, duh. Laev gets to jump and pull in her padded collar during work, and she does it all on my left side.

So now I need to balance that kind of strength training. Heck, maybe there's a market for renting out dogs during practice...?

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kabbage said...

When my dogs were younger, I probably had a larger right bicep due to ball throwing. I'm not sure you could do enough throwing (maybe a medicine ball??) to balance holding back Laev in full drive, though.