Thursday, October 25, 2007

For Sale: One Doberman

Yeek. I just came in from working with Laev in our field here at home.... I am not pleased.

Sunday evening, she was doing nice work with a strange dog in this field. She was a bit distracted by our spectators (man and baby, and she's still very distracted by the baby), and she wasn't as good as I'd like her to be, but she was not bad at all. She did her BH heeling patterns, heeling loops around the strange dog, etc.

Yesterday we had The Cat Incident, reviving all her hyper-predatory insanity.

Today, she had a tough time heeling with any duration. If my feet kicked up a leaf, she broke focus to look at it. And then she scented a mole nearby, and twice I had to go and collect her head from the mole hole where she wanted to dig instead. Aversives (verbal rebuke, tightened collar) kept her from the mole but made it harder for her to focus on me. And my treats were raw chicken!

This is not good. I am not pleased. I'd like to just start over, I think.

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