Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Laev is Armed and Dangerous

So I was out of town at a convention for three days, leaving Laev home with Jon. She was very good, he reported, on Friday and Saturday.

Apparently, by Sunday, she was bored.

She got into the trash, she surfed the counter for tempting treats left in reach. Her worst moment was when she reached into the kitchen sink and took the 12" butcher knife used to cut her raw supper and ran about the house with it. I'm a bit glad I wasn't there to see all that...!

Jon has been reminded of the importance of giving a dog like Laev a job to keep her occupied. She can manage to be mannerly for a day or two, but three days with no mental work is just not reasonable and she will find a way (legal or no) to entertain herself. The next time I leave them together, he'll be stuffing Kongs or hiding frozen toys, I'm sure.

Inky and Shakespeare were apparently model citizens, especially when compared to Laev. ;)

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