Friday, November 02, 2007

Progress with Prey!

This will be very, very quick, as I have to leave town early in the morning, but I had to share.

I did another session with Laev and the cat this afternoon. Now, yesterday's session was about 45 minutes long, total, to build up to heeling Laev away with a click every step or two.

Today's session, total, was just under 20 minutes, and I quit because I'd done all that I wanted to do, more than once. And then tonight at our Doberman club meeting, I paid for a brag because Laev RECALLED AWAY FROM A CAT. (More than once! though I didn't mention that.)

Now, I'm not going to pretend that she can recall away from a cat in the fresh flush of realization that the cat is there; she still needs to run a bit before she can focus. But she's getting way better!

I cannot believe this improvement! I hope we can continue this, and I hope I figure out a safe way to increase the cat's distraction.

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vicky said...

Hi Laura:

A suggestion: I have people in my classes, step outside the door, into the park, find a dog, and c/t for the dog looking for, and seeing another dog.

I suppose this helps the dog feel 'in control' of the situation, and associates finding another dog with 'good things happening'.

Maybe click, treat Laeve for looking for, and seeing, a cat?