Monday, March 17, 2008

Fresh Photos!

These were taken at the March 1 AKC obedience trial, hosted by GLKC. This is where Laev finished her CD and RN (and Shakespeare finished his RA, too, but this isn't his blog -- sorry, buddy!).

I ordered some professional photos because I have only one picture of Laev's heeling, taken through the rain at a distance.

She's not even in proper position in that photo, and it's hard to see just how beautiful she is. (Do I sound a bit biased?) So here are the new ones!

The indoor lighting was difficult for good photos, so the final images didn't color correct well. Paw Prints Pet Photography was nice enough to then include other color options for me, and I'm posting the sepia here.

Know what I love most about this picture? There are zero feet touching the ground -- hers or mine. This is what life with Laev is like all the time! (Hmm. Nice convergence in dog and handler; we should both get good conformation ratings for clean movement. ;-) )

This was snapped just as we changed directions in the figure eight. I love that Laev and I are in perfect step, crossing over together.

If I recall correctly, this was during a downward shift in pace, which is why I'm dropping my weight a bit and making that odd step. Laev's tail doesn't ever stop wagging while we're working, I don't think.

A shot from the Rally class, though there are no signs visible. I remember the ring and spectator, but I don't remember which exercise this was; with my weight shifting like that, we might be coming to a halt. I do love that Laev and I are still in perfect step.

So, that's our photographic update. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to try to get some good action shots of her protection work as soon as she's safely back to that game.

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Judi said...

You gotta update your blog with some of these pics, they are nice.