Monday, March 17, 2008

"She Did It, Right?!"

I ran into a training friend after Laev's TD certification track.

"How'd Laev do?" she asked brightly.

"Eh," I responded.

"She did it, right? She passed?"


"How'd she do?"

I was honest. "It was the worst track I've ever seen from her."

My friend nodded. "Right. But that was still good enough, right?"

"No. She failed the track."

"What?! How can that be? Laev?" She stared at me. "I would have cried."

Sometimes there are disadvantages to having people know that we're supposed to have a clue how to go about this.

I wonder sometimes why I blog about Laev's training. I don't blog about anything else, and I don't really want to look like I'm setting myself up as some sort of internet training goddess. Well, no danger of that -- I record our failures as well as our successes, and it should be pretty obvious that we aren't, um, perfect. /laugh/

It does add a certain amount of pressure, the blog. Once, right before a big trial, I got email about Laev's efforts from across the world. I whined to my sister the night before the trial, "What if it goes bad? I'd have to write and tell Norway that we failed!"

There is a certain advantage to anonymity.

On the other hand, I know my clients often appreciate hearing that my dogs are real dogs, too, that they do make mistakes and I have to train through difficulties. I have been told by others that they find Laev's blog to be encouraging and helpful to their own training, and that's hugely gratifying.

In addition, it's useful to me, because it's often as I'm mentally reviewing (I write all my blog posts in my head before I ever type them) that I recall some detail which can make the difference in our next session. That's good. And it is good to get feedback from others, of course.

So I'm blogging, and training, and of course enjoying my dog. It's what it's all about. :-)


Sarah said...

It is time for me to “de-lurk” and let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

I enjoy hearing about your successes and how you work on training. I am fascinated by tracking. I plan to try tracking with one of my dogs, I think he would enjoy it, and it is something he and I can work on by ourselves (he is too shy for group classes). The obstacles you encounter while training and competing are refreshing…you and your dogs are successful, but not always perfect…that is something attainable. A blog showing off only the best would not be an enjoyable read.

My other dog and I got our first qualifying score in Novice Rally a few months ago…the reaction of our friends was similar to yours but in the opposite way… “What?! How can that be?” I think everyone was amazed that my wild boy and I could pull ourselves together enough to Q!

Sarah and the Min Pins Barbery & Basil

Diana said...

I love reading your blog too. Try not to feel pressure. Anyone who trains dogs or any animal, knows that there are ups and downs. Dogs will be dogs. And if we didnt fail we probably wouldnt enjoy the successes as much. Dogs keep us humble and happy. Diana