Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Laev's Alignment is Chaotic Neutral.

(This has little to do with actual training. Just so you know.)

I know I have geeky friends. Heck, I am /cough/ something of a geek myself, albeit we differ in our geeky ways. I am for example frankly terrible at video games, though I can talk enough of the lingo to fool most people. But my immediate circle is chock-full of hardware geeks, software geeks, gadget geeks, and gamer geeks.

This doesn't often affect my training -- although I do wish I had a place to offer my proposed Dog Training for Geeks group class, in which I have translated all our basic essential behaviors into geek language. ("Settling on a mat is so mundane. We teach your puppy to farm the mat! Camp it like an unethical PvPer!")

But the other day, I was startled during lunch when, somehow, I don't know how, they began discussing Laev -- in terms of her logical alignments. It was determined by this august group that Laev was Chaotic Neutral.

A cheat sheet: Chaotic Neutral is called the "Anarchist" or "Free Spirit" alignment. A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, shirks rules and traditions. They typically act out of self-interest, but do not enjoy seeing others suffer. Many adventurers are of this alignment. (Wikipedia)

Laev is perfectly willing to follow known rules so long as they get her what she wants -- but the instant the system breaks down, she's out of there, forget it. She has a low tolerance for rules for rules' sake. Neither "good" nor "evil", she's just about what she wants, no altruism or Lassie tendencies. She's thrilled to play my games, of course! but it's because they're her games as well, and even my dumbest games result in something desirable for her.

So, yep, it's official. Laev's rolled. I am terrified of receiving her stat sheet.

(This got me thinking, and now I suspect Shakespeare is Lawful Neutral or possibly Lawful Good. Definitely Lawful, though. Inky.... Inky would be true Neutral, mostly because she cannot keep track of what the rules are. /grin/)

A friend just sent me this information about a mecha called "Laevatein" (also named for the Norse mythological weapon) from the manga/anime "Full Metal Panic!":

"The Laevatein is almost entirely designed for direct combat capabilities. Featuring a high-output powerplant and an enhanced musculature, it has exceptional strength and mobility."

Oh yeah. They've met her. :-)

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