Thursday, September 11, 2008

More mistaken identity!

Just a few days after I was asked if I were Karen Pryor (due to my KPA polo shirt), I learned that Melissa Alexander works at my training facility!

Someone pointed out this post on a local pet forum, which confuses my friend Melissa Heigl with Melissa Alexander. My friend Melissa Heigl was laughing and quite pleased. We haven't asked Melissa Alexander. :-)

The good news is, these are not clicker-specific venues; mainstream folk are using names from clicker publishing without prompting. I am pleased to see how much clicker knowledge is getting out there!


Melissa Alexander said...

I should be so lucky as to work at your facility, Laura. I'm flattered that people know my name though.

Laura said...

We'd love to have you! Let me know when you move east. ;-)