Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No, Laev, No!

So it's finally nice spring weather, and I was celebrating by leaving the front door open so the dogs could wander in and out and so I could have some nice spring air. This open door is normally a good thing, a treat we get only briefly in spring and fall.

'Til Laev came trotting inside with a dead chipmunk.

"No, Laev, dead chipmunks are outdoor toys."

Hurt look.

I directed Laev back outside and she proceeded to sulk. I told her to "out" and she spat the chipmunk promptly, and then I gave her permission to enter the house. She picked up the chipmunk. Block entrance, repeat.

Finally I tossed the chipmunk away from the door (too lazy to dispose of it properly yet) and Laev hesitated, torn between wanting to keep her prize and wanting to come inside with me. Finally she split the difference and lay down in the doorway, where she could keep an eye on us both.

Last night we were able to get back on the field for some outdoor Schutzhund again. The dogs love working outdoors; so much room to really run and get crazy! I'm still working on Laev's sit at heel during bitework, but she's doing better at revving herself (and I'm doing better at handling for it). We'll get there.... Lots of work in the obedience phase, still, though.

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