Thursday, April 02, 2009

BSL -- Not the Answer

I just want to take the opportunity here to point you to this:

I had another long talk about BSL this afternoon; it seems we have to fight its proposal annually in my otherwise-delightful home city. BSL can seem like an easy fix, when only part of the picture is presented. The reality is, it often creates more problems than it solves.

I know that drug rings (laundering money through dog fights) and gang wars (in which aggressive pit bulls are something of a status symbol) are tough issues. I know it's a lot easier to pass a law banning pit bulls and other "dangerous breeds" even from the homes of responsible owners than to try and tackle those tough, expensive issues. But really, criminals who are already committing felonies aren't going to suddenly heed a dog law, and in the meantime, the "dangerous" therapy dogs, service dogs, detection dogs, and companion animals are the victims of the obscenely-outdated premise that one's appearance -- color, height, build -- determine one's behavior.

Just read the linked article, please.

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